Pre / Post Natal

The pregnancy massage I offer relieves common pregnancy discomfort and pain, aligns the pelvis and uterus and offers a nurturing space for moms to be.

As a mother of two, I have first hand experience with the benefits of massage during pregnancy and postpartum periods. Regardless of individual circumstances the pregnancy and post partum period challenge and stress a women's body in many ways.

Postpartum massage focus on restoration of the abdomen and lower back, relieving tension in the neck shoulders from the demands of breast feeding, and rejuvenation from exhaustion. This period is of the highest demand as the women is healing her body as well as caring for a newborn around the clock.

We over look the importance of postpartum massage in the American culture. When children are born in rural India mother and child are given massage regularly. Someone comes to the house early in the morning and massages the baby, then bathes and holds him or her in the sun for vitamin D and then when the baby sleeps mom gets a full body massage and a hot bath.