Adrienne's deep knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology coupled with her many massage techniques allow her to perfectly tailor each massage to my particular needs. I have been headache-free for three years thanks to her amazing work. During my recent twin pregnancy, she helped keep me going during each stage. With her help, my pregnancy went full-term - all without bed rest and minimal back pain! Her postpartum care helped me recover quickly too. Beyond her knowledgebase and wonderful technique, Adrienne possesses excellent intuition and a calm openness that makes her one incredible massage therapist. I can't recommend her highly enough!
Kim O'Connor, USF President's Assistant
Adrienne is one of the best if not the best massage therapist I have EVER had. I had a massage in Tahoe recently which hardly compared to Adrienne's technique. I realized how lucky I was to have Adrienne. She is punctual, effectual and uses hot stones better than anyone. She is well priced and knows the body well. I recommend her to everyone who asks.
Anne Marie Cordingly, educator and mother of 3
I have had very regular massage for the past twenty years. Adrienne Lalanne is the best of all and a major blessing in my life.
Adele Clarke , PhD, Professor of Sociology
I have been on the receiving end of massages for about 25 years and before I became a lawyer I was certified massage therapist. I must say that Adrienne is one of the best massage therapists out there. I am very picky, as I have had back problems and massage is deeply therapeutic for me, and Adrienne knows how to get into all the spots on my body in just the right way, with just the right amount of pressure.

I have been getting massages from Adrienne every other week for several years now and I am ambivalent about providing this testimonial, as I worry that she is so good that once the word gets out about her, I will then have a hard time getting appointments. But when I come at it from the unselfish perspective, I know that more and more people need to feel the powerful healing effect of Adrienne's transcendent massages!

So what are you waiting for people?! Make the appointment. I can't imagine that you could possibly regret it. Just be prepared to begin the process of budgeting for regular massages with Ms. Lalanne.
Ken Greenstein, tenant lawyer
It is a pleasure to confirm the benefit that I personally experience with each massage that I have received from you. I have found your skill at locating and relieving muscle spasm and tension to be highly therapeutic.
Robert N. Hamburger, M.D. Professor Emeritus UCSD School of Medicine
I can't say enough wonderful things about Adrienne Lalanne! She is a phenomenal therapist, very skilled at pre and post natal massage, and definitely NOT one of those super light touch barely feeling it massage therapists. I've known her/worked with her for years and is the absolute first person I call if I need a massage. As a side note, she's also a homebirth mama and will make housecalls for a reasonable rate.
Laine Yien, labor and post partum doula and mother of 2
I second Adrienne Lalanne. I have seen her throughout my pregnancy and I actually think she is the best massage therapist I've ever seen in general. Cannot say enough good things about her.
Ginny Colbert, new mother to Zoe